We aim to turn planetary and diverter precision gearboxes, which we started to produce in 2016, into a world brand. In line with this goal; We do not compromise on sensitivity and quality in our work, we work with a customer focus.


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Sparkling Carpet Shampoo

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Sparkling Carpet Shampoo

It has cleaning, stain removal, polishing and softening effects. The active ingredient rates were kept high and of good quality. It is a concentrated product. It is not thickened with fake thickener. 100 lt. 1 – 1.5 kg depending on water and dirt. use mixing. You do not need softener and other detergent supplements while using this product. It can be used on all carpets, it is recommended to be used on machine carpets.

It is used in 20 Kg / 30 Kg packages.