We aim to turn planetary and diverter precision gearboxes, which we started to produce in 2016, into a world brand. In line with this goal; We do not compromise on sensitivity and quality in our work, we work with a customer focus.


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Pro Carpet Shampoo 30 Kg

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Pro Carpet Shampoo 30 Kg

Our carpets are exposed to dust, dirt, stains and bad odors brought by daily life. But our carpet shampoo contains specially formulated powerful cleaners. These cleaners penetrate all layers of the carpet and clean from the root to the roots. It provides you with a hygienic and healthy environment and creates a peaceful atmosphere in your home.

One of the outstanding features of our carpet shampoo is that it gives your carpets a pleasant and fresh scent after use. You will impress your guests with a fresh and soothing scent that surrounds your entire home. At the same time, our formula helps to preserve the colors of the carpets, so that your carpets do not fade and maintain their vitality for a long time.